Celebrating Eid With Kids

How to make celebrating Eid a special occasion for kids.

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Celebrate Eid Printable Decorations 3

After the popularity of my Ramadan for Kids and Ramadan Activities For Kids blog posts, I’ve had many requests to do a blog post for celebrating Eid with children. So I was more than happy to accomodate!

The celebration of Eid is not only Sunnah but an opportunity to strengthen the bond amongst the community and as a family.

With Christmas being such a prominent celebration in Western culture, it’s important to make Eid an exciting occasion for Muslim children.

So to help you get the most out of celebrating Eid with kids I’ve compiled a list of ideas and created a free printable Eid Celebration pack for you to use.

Let’s get started…

Clean & Organise

Eid is an opportunity to renew and refresh. So prepare your home by cleaning and decluttering.

Children can help by tidying their room and sorting through toys for items they no longer play with.

This is also the perfect time to collect items that are no longer needed, but would be perfect for donating to someone else.


Children love getting involved in decorating and it’s a great visual reminder that Eid is a special occasion and not like every other day.

Add some colour and excitement to your Eid celebration with decorations. They don’t need to be expensive or over the top. Whether you chose to simply hang a banner, decorate a corner of the home, or create a whole Eid display, there’s lots of great products available to suit all budgets.

But for those who love the D.I.Y option, I’ve created a whole Eid Celebration pack that you can download, print and make yourself!

You can find the full details of what’s included in the pack at the end of this post.

Moon Sighting

Sighting the crescent of the new moon can be a fun way for children to welcome Eid. If the weather is suitable, take the opportunity to pack a snack and wait outside to sight the moon with them. While you are waiting you could read stories about the moon and Eid.

Upon sighting the moon you can recite the following dua:

“O Allah, let the crescent loom above us in peace and faith, safety and Islam, and in agreement with all that You love and pleases You. Our Lord and your Lord is Allah.” – At-Tirmidhi No# 3451

Eid Sighting Moon Dua 2

I created this handy little reminder of the dua for you.

Download it here.

Dress Your Best

Encourage children to dress appropriately for the occasion of Eid.

Al-Hassan as-Sibt says: “The Messenger of Allah (saw) ordered us to wear the best clothes we could find for the two Eids and to apply the best perfume we could find and to sacrifice the best animal we could find.” [Hakim].

Having something new to wear for Eid is always a nice treat. Children often get excited about wearing new clothes, even if it’s just a new pair of socks!

But dressing your best for Eid can simply be selecting a nice outfit from what you already have, that’s different from your everyday clothing.

Eid Meal

Eid is a special occasion, so the food eaten on this day should celebrate that.

Meals don’t need to be extravagant, but should be different to what is eaten normally during the week.

Share the planning of the meal with your child. Let them suggest an item to cook or a sweet to make. Older children can help you prepare the food while younger children can setting the table.

Maybe even let them create a special eating space, just for kids, where they can have their Eid meal. 

Paper plates are a fuss free option that allows you to be creative with your table setting.

Giving Gifts

Celebrate Eid Printable Decorations 3

Abu Hurayra reported that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “Give gifts and you will love one another.” (Reference: Al-Adab Al-Mufrad 594)

During Eid it is tradition that money or presents are given out and exchanged. While the focus of Eid is not about material things, giving and receiving gifts shows appreciation and spreads joy. It’s also a way to reward children and encourage them to think of others.

Below are some gift giving ideas to explore with children:

  • Gift exchange: On separate pieces of small paper, write down the names of people who will be participating in the gift exchange. Put the names in a container and then each person selects a name for the person they will giving a gift to. Or you could draw out names randomly, allocate them to people and notify them about the name of the person they will be gifting too. This idea is great for larger families!
  • Make or Bake Gifts: Young children can get creative and make gifts for friends and family.
  • Create and decorate your own Eid money envelopes
  • Make Eid Cards
  • Donate: teach children the importance of helping others who are less fortunate and have them donate a portion of their Eid money.

Visiting loved ones

A common tradition during Eid is to visit family. Spending time with loved ones and catching up with people on this special day is an important part of Eid.

Visiting and connecting with others during Eid helps to strengthen the community and family ties. Some people even host an “Open House” where strangers are invited to join in the celebration and share a meal.

A fun activity to do with children is to make little treat bags to hand out to visitors. Pinterest has some great ideas that you can check out. You can also use the pillow boxes from the Eid Celebration pack to fill with treats.

However you choose to celebrate, I hope your Eid is an enjoyable one with the family.

If there’s something special you do for Eid that you’d like to share, just comment below. It’s a great way to inspire others!

Get your FREE Eid Celebration pack which includes digital files to print the following items:

Celebrate Eid Printable decorations.
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