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English Arabic Rainbow Quran (Medium)

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“Do not scatter the Quran like inferior dates and do not chant it quickly as with poetry. Stop at its wonders, move the hearts with it, and let not your concern be the end of the surah.” Abdullah Ibn Masud

It’s one thing to be able to read the Quran, but another to be able to understand it’s meaning! And for non Arabic speaking Muslims, this can be an issue.

But now you can enjoy both the Arabic text and English translation in a beautifully crafted Rainbow Quran.

A treasured gift for reverts, loved ones and non Arabic speaking Muslims of all ages.

For an extra special touch, get your Quran personalised with your choice of name, special date or message featured on the inside cover!
(See photos for samples)

Includes a special Quran dua card!
(Personalised options will include the dua inside the Quran instead of on a separate card)

Gifting this to a child? Then why not add a matching Kids Soft-Touch Tasbih™!

English Coloured Quran
• Size: 14cm x 20cm (5.5″ x 8″)
• Beautiful vegan leather embossed cover
• Arabic with English translation
• 30 Colour rainbow pages for each juz
• Translated by Dr Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din al Hilali
& Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan

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NOTE ON PERSONALISATION: Out of respect for the Holy Quran, we have been advised by experts in Islamic fiqh to not put names on the front cover because it’s a space usually reserved for the Author of the book. If any name were to appear on the front cover of the Quran it should be the name of Allah (SWT) above all others, so we don’t feel it’s appropriate to do otherwise. The Quran is a sacred text with many rules regarding it’s handling and use, so we prefer to avoid anything that may be disrespectful.


Personalisation * 

Create a unique gift by personalising the inside cover of your Quran with a name, message or special date. Includes a dua for reading the Quran!
(See photos for sample)

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