(Ramadan Series Part 1) Continued…

Make Mealtime Special

Suhoor, the meal before sunrise, and Iftar, the meal at sunset, are 2 important meals that are best enjoyed as a family (or community). Whether children are fasting or not, these mealtimes are a chance to get them involved in spirit of Ramadan.

Make the occasion of breaking fast an event that involves your children.

Have them help out with the preparations such as setting the table, handing out dates, monitoring and announcing the time to break fast, or getting prayer mats ready for Maghreb and watch their excitement and anticipation. This will also help to distract them if they are eagerly waiting for Iftar with the inevitable cries of “is it time yet?” on repeat!

“There are three whose supplication is not rejected: A fasting person when he/she breaks his/her fast, a just leader, and the supplication of the oppressed person” Jami’-at-Tirmidhi, no. 3598

Teach your child duas for breaking fast and let them know it’s a chance to thank Allah and ask Him for whatever they desire.

You can easily find the duas online and print them out on a piece of A4 paper. Then have them decorate it and laminate or use clear adhesive contact to protect it from mess and spills.

Or even better, why use my free Printable Placemat, Dua Table Cards and Iftar Countdown Print. The kids placemat includes the duas for breaking fast and after eating and is ready to be coloured in and decorated!

Download the Printable Placemat, Dua Table Cards and Iftar Countdown Print here.


Giving your children their own special placemat to use for Iftar is a great way to help teach them duas for breaking fast.

A fun idea to reward your child for fasting is to allow them to create their own Iftar box. Get them to choose a couple of snacks and treats that they love and put it in their own special box or bag, so when it’s time to break fast they can have something straight away.

You could also include a book, toy or small activity for them to play with until their meal is ready, or to use after Iftar.

Add a festive Ramadan theme to your Iftar table setting.

  1. Star Candle Holders
  2. Geometric Ramadan Mubarak Napkins
  3. Moroccan Tablecloth

Host A Kids Iftar

Help your child host their very own Kids Iftar! Get your child to create the guest list and suggest items for the menu. Meals that are kid friendly and easy to prepare will mean your child can help out in the kitchen too.

They can also plan the decor, such as the colour for the table setting (paper plates, napkins and cups), and make decorations.

Prayer & Remembrance

Whether your child is able to pray with you or not, it’s important that they understand that prayer is a major component of Ramadan.

Setting up a special prayer area for your child during Ramadan can be a great way for encouraging young children to pray. It should be a space where they can either pray along side you or sit and watch.

Give them their own prayer mat if they are able to follow the actions or want to follow you as you pray. For toddlers you could include picture books and tasbih in your prayer area for them to play with while you pray.

Encourage your child to think of Allah and all the things they can thank Him for.

We love these cute ideas for a kids prayer area:

  1. Personalised Kids Prayer Mats
  2. Mosque Kids Prayer Mat
  3. Kids Soft-Touch Tasbih™
  4. Cardboard Play Masjid
  5. How To Pray Kids Book

Record Your Child’s Ramadan

Mark the final day of Ramadan by reflecting on the past month with your Child. I love @kitabkids idea of recording their details each year, so I’ve created a Ramadan Milestones printable for you to use.

Download the Ramadan Milestones activity here.

If your child is using a Ramadan journal then you can add the milestone chart to it as a final summary. This will help to reinforce their experience and will be good for your child to look back on in years to come.

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By making Ramadan fun and relevant to your child you’ll hopefully be able to help them feel as though they are a part of something special.

I hope these suggestions help you to make Ramadan an exciting and rewarding occasion for your child.

If you have any other suggestions or tips I’d love to hear them! You can leave a comment at the start of this blog post here.

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Enjoy a fun filled Ramadan with your kids!

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