What is a giclée print?

It’s great to have Islamic art as a reminder in the home, especially versus from the Quran, but it should be treated with the respect it deserves. That’s why Little Wings Creative Art Prints aren’t just regular inkjet prints, but are premium quality Giclée prints.

So what on earth is a Giclée print you ask?…

Pronounced ‘Zhee-Clay’ it is taken from the French word ‘la giclée’, meaning ‘that which is sprayed or squirted’ and is a printing method that achieves superior results. Colours don’t fade or change over time like regular inkjet prints and when treated with care, they can last a lifetime. Which is why they are commonly used in museums and galleries around the world and why we choose to use them for our art prints.

Giclée printing produces a higher quality product than standard inkjet printing or regular commercial printing. With standard ink jet prints solid areas of colour are made up of tiny dots which are visible when you look closely. With a Giclée print solid areas of colour are smooth and blacks are deep and rich. Edges are crisp and fine details are captured perfectly.

1. Regular digital print vs Giclée print (front image). The inks used in Giclée prints produces Blacks that are deeper and richer.

2. Regular digital print vs Giclée print (front image). Colours are brighter, details and subtle tones are more accurate.

To achieve the superior results of a giclée print there are 3 main requirements that all Little Wings Creative art prints must meet:

1. Resolution

The digital artwork being printed must be at least 300DPI to achieve crisp detail, clarity and colour saturation.

2. Paper

A true Giclée print must be made using archival quality paper. This helps preserve the appearance of the inks to maintain colour saturation and longevity.

3. Inks

Giclée prints are made using pigment-based inks for a longer lifespan and can last a lifetime without significant fading.

So you can be sure that when you purchase a Little Wings Creative Art Print you are receiving the highest quality print to preserve your Islamic artwork.