Ramadan Activities For Kids (Ramadan Series Part 2)

Fun Ramadan Activities For Kids

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If you haven’t already, you can check out
Part 1: Celebrating Ramadan with Kids” and download the FREE Ramadan printables.

Ok, so you’ve set up your decorations and have hopefully got your kids excited and ready for Ramadan.

What now?

Ramadan is an opportunity to improve ourselves, be thankful for what we’ve been given and to show generosity and kindness to others.

It’s like a month long intensive bootcamp to prepare you for the year ahead but with the goal being to take what you’ve learnt or practiced during Ramadan and applying it throughout the year.

It’s also an opportunity do activities to teach children important values, such as being grateful for what they have, helping those in need and being mindful of what they say and do.

So below are some of my favourite Ramadan activities for kids to help nurture these values.

To help you out there are FREE Ramadan kid’s activities to download as well!

Time to get busy….

Alhamdullilah Poster

Ramadan is the perfect time for activities that teach children about gratitude. Explain why it is important to be thankful for the many blessings given to us every single day and how each one is a precious gift from Allah.

To help them recognise this, create a poster with the heading “Alhamdullilah for…” and each day get the child to write (or draw) 1 thing they are grateful for on the poster.

Keep in mind that if the poster becomes full just create another one and staple them together.

At the end of Ramadan, sit down with the child and go through all the blessings they’ve received.


Another option is a gratitude journal and this is a great one by Ayeina

Bake A Treat To Share

Children love to get “hands on” in the kitchen! So a great Ramadan activity for kids is to help them bake or make a treat that can be shared with neighbours, friends or their classmates and teachers.

A family favourite in our home are good old Chocolate Truffles. This year I decided to also try the version by The Lebanese Plate. It has a dash of rose water and pistachios for a slightly more sophisticated, Middle Eastern twist.

I highly recommend you give them a try and you can get the recipe here.

I love nuts so I decided to roll some of mine in crushed pistachio instead of coconut. However my daughter doesn’t boldly stating “I don’t want nuts, unless it’s Nutella!”

Unfortunately I had run out of Nutella, otherwise I would have created a Nutella version too! *Mental note for next time…

So to keep my daughter satisfied, I decided to create a “Glam” version and we rolled some of the chocolate truffles in sparkly pink sprinkles. They turned out great and the colours worked well with the Ramadan theme I was using too!

Also, the beauty of truffles is that you can create so many variations. Some alternatives I love are below, just substitute cocoa with your chosen flavours (quantity according to your personal taste):

Fruit Truffle: add sultanas and chopped dried apricot
Peanut Butter Truffle: add peanut butter and roll in crushed nuts
Double Choc: roll chocolate truffles in chocolate flakes or cocoa.
Glam Truffles: roll in coloured sprinkles

Or get creative and come up with your own flavour combo!

*Please keep in mind that if you’re making treats for your child to take to school, be mindful of allergy concerns and make sure they’re nut free!

Basic Truffle Recipe:


250g Plain Sweet Biscuits (arrowroot/milk coffee biscuits/teddy bear biscuits)
1 Cup Desiccated Coconut
2 Tbsp Cocoa Powder
395g Sweetened Condensed Milk
Shredded or Desiccated Coconut (for rolling)


Using a food processor, crush biscuits to a fine crumb. Transfer biscuit crumbs to a large bowl and combine remaining dry ingredients (excluding extra coconut). Stir together. Add condensed milk and mix well so it coats all dry ingredients. Dab the palm of your hands with water. Take one tablespoon of the mixture and roll into a ball. (Note: having wet hands makes this process a lot easier!) While the ball is still moist, roll through the extra shredded coconut or topping of your choice to coat. Store in refrigerator until needed.


Your truffles are now ready to package and gift…

Try to use packaging that can be sealed, as this will help to keep your truffles fresh and prevent them from drying out. Then decorate with ribbon and gift tag.

Creating gift tags can be another great Ramadan activity for kids. But if your prefer the ready made kind then I’ve created some Ramadan gift tags for you to use.

There’s two tag options to chose from. One is a simple Ramadan Mubarak greeting and the other design is perfect for kids because it includes a brief intro into what Ramadan is about.

Now let’s get stuck into some creative Ramadan activities to do with kids…

Colouring & Drawing.

Like most children, my 3 love to get busy with their crayons and markers. So a great idea is to nurture creativity in children during Ramadan with colouring and drawing challenges.

Get your child to create a Ramadan poster that can be displayed in their room.

You can also download our Ramadan poster
and colouring sheet here.


Story Time.

Ramadan is the month when the Quran was revealed and there is great importance placed on reading, seeking knowledge and education in Islam. Reading and reciting Quran during Ramadan is considered of huge benefit and it is a recommended goal to try to read the entire Quran during this holy month.

“The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Quran, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and the criterion (between right and wrong)” – The Quran, Al-Baqarah 2:185 


“Jibreel used to come to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) every night in Ramadan, and study the Quran with him.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari – 5: Muslim, 4268.

Establishing a reading routine for children is a wonderful way to build a foundation when they are young.

It provides an opportunity for them to connect with stories while spending time with you, or another loved one. So take the time to read to them, or have them read to you.

I’ve made it a goal of mine to continue to build upon my children’s library and these are some of our favourite books to read during Ramadan…

  1. Owl & Cat: Ramadan Is…
  2. Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns
  3. Lailah’s Lunchbox
  4. Ramadan Moon
  5. Ilyas & Duck: Ramadan Joy
  6. Ilyas & Duck: Fantastic Festival Eid-Al-Fitr

Good Deeds Tree

The concept of being rewarded for good deeds and acts of kindness is something that can be taught to children at a very young age.

Inspired by Muslim Kids Guide’s Flourishing Deeds Tree, I decided to create my own variation. Based on my Arabic Alphabet Tree art print I’ve created a Good Deeds Tree to track and reward children for each good deed they perform.

You can choose to use the coloured template or have your children colour and decorate the black and white version.

Then simply assemble the tree trunk and write different good deeds on the back of the leaves, or print and use the ready made ones. Every time your child performs one of the good deeds, they get to stick the leaf onto the tree. The goal is to finish Ramadan with a tree full of leaves!

As an extra incentive, you can also choose to reward them if they collect a certain amount of leaves by the end of Ramadan.

Download the printable template and instructions for my Good Deeds Tree here

IMPORTANT: These free resources are for PERSONAL USE ONLY and you may use them with your students. YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO EDIT, SELL, TRANSLATE OR DISTRIBUTE ANY LITTLE WINGS CREATIVE DESIGNS. All designs and work is protected by ©Copyright Law and remains the property of Little Wings Creative Co.

These were just a few of our favourite activities to do during Ramadan, but I’d love to hear what you enjoy doing with your kids!

Hopefully you’ll be able to add a couple of these to your list now too!

If you have any other suggestions or tips I’d love to hear them and maybe add them to this post! You can leave a comment at the start of this blog post here.

Get all the FREE Printables mentioned in the Ramadan Kid’s Activity Pack below.


Included are the following printable items to do with your child…

• Alhamdulillah Poster
• Ramadan Mubarak colouring Poster
• Mosque Colouring Page
• Gift Tags for Treat Bags
• Good Deeds Tree Activity

IMPORTANT: These free resources are for PERSONAL USE ONLY and you may use them with your students. YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO EDIT, SELL, TRANSLATE OR DISTRIBUTE ANY LITTLE WINGS CREATIVE DESIGNS. All designs and work is protected by ©Copyright Law and remains the property of Little Wings Creative Co.

I LOVE seeing people enjoying the printables and sharing pics on social media, so be sure to tag @little.wings.creative on Instagram or @LittleWingsCreative on Facebook.

Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family!

Cherie x

P.S I’m going to continue to add more items to this blog post. So if you enjoyed it and want to receive any new items PLUS more FREE Islamic resources for children, printables and exclusive Little Wings V.I.P offers, just click the link below…

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Sophie / 31 May 2017 /

Your Ramadan pack is absolutely amazing, I didn’t expect a “part 2”, I’m over the moon and so will the kids when we’ll install everything! (part I already hangs at home!). And that tree…THAT TREE!! Thank you soooo much, everything is beautiful and perfect!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Happy ramadan and many greetings from Paris to you & family

Little Wings / 1 June 2017 /

Aww, that’s so sweet to hear Sophie. It makes all the hard work worthwhile when I hear people like yourself enjoying it so much! Alhamdulillah.

Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family too!

Sana / 1 June 2017 /

Thank you so much! This is amazing. You are so talented mashallah.
In the download, the Ramadan Mubarak poster was not available (not sure if it’s just me!). My daughter would love to colour that!

Little Wings / 1 June 2017 /

I’m so glad you like it Sana, hope your daughter does too! Thanks for letting me know about the poster, there must have been an error when it uploaded.
I have added the file now so you should be able to download it. 🙂

Rabeena / 1 June 2017 /


I love everything and thank you so much for making it a freebie!

For some reason, I cannot find the coloring pages in the download? I am just seeing all the files of activity pack 1. I would love to print it out for my kids to color! Thanks!!

Little Wings / 1 June 2017 /

Wa Alaikum Salam Rabeena,

I think you’re using the link for the 1st Ramadan Pack. Please email me at [email protected] and I’ll point you in the right direction 🙂

Amina / 1 June 2017 /

MashaAllah incredible! I’m always running out of fun ideas to teach my children during Ramadan and often find it difficult setting new and interesting Ramadan activities.

You have made it easy for me this Ramadan Cherie!! Jezak Allah!!

I would love to make truffles or biscuits for the teachers at school using your tags also. What a gorgeous idea Mashallah! Thank you endlessly x

Little Wings / 1 June 2017 /

Thanks so much Amina!

I hope you and the kids have fun with the activities because your printer will be getting a workout 😉

Jasmin / 2 June 2017 /

Wow SubhanAllah what fantastic activity ideas! I particularly love the deeds tree and the alhamdulilah poster . May Allah swt reward you for creating such amazing activities for our kids to enjoy during this special month xox

Little Wings / 14 June 2017 /

Thank you Jasmin! The good deeds tree is my favourite too and it’s working well with my kids 🙂

Yasmin / 19 June 2017 /

Asalaamu alikum! I’m so glad I’ve come across your page. I’ve shared it with my friends who are mothers and they love it too!

One question – I’m planning on making truffles as Eid gifts this year inshaAllah, however, I’m struggling on how to package them? I like how you did yours above, but can’t seem to find anything similar on Amazon or similar websites. Any help would be much appreciated.


Yasmin 🙂

Little Wings / 19 June 2017 /

Wa Alaikum Salam Yasmin!

I’m so happy you found Little Wings Gallery, welcome 🙂

For the clear bags that I’ve used, try searching on Ebay for “Adhesive cello bags” and you should able to find some. They come in a variety of sizes and hopefully you can get some shipped to you in time.

Yasmin / 24 June 2017 /

Thank you for replying 🙂 I’m looking forward to making them this weekend inshaAllah!

Wishing you and your family a brilliant Eid 🙂


Mini Mu'min Publications / 11 March 2020 /

ASA, This is a very lovely collection of activities for children! We also offer a “FREE Ramadan Kit” for kids and have a companion storybook available that teaches the supplications, manners, rules, and rewards of fasting called “Fatimah’s First Fasting Day” that you may want to add to your list.

Shabana Manir / 15 April 2020 /

Asalaam Alaikum, this is absolutely amazing. Thank you for the printables. I have bought stuff from you before and was just browsing. Im in the UK and this is so perfect. May Allah bless you and reward you.

Little Wings / 23 April 2020 /

Wa alaikum salam Shabana, I’m happy you found this useful! Enjoy 🙂

Valerie / 17 April 2020 /

Can I share a direct link to your Good Deeds Tree printable on my class/school website? I will note the source in my reference section as “Little Wings Creative Co. (2018). Good Deeds Tree [PDF File]. Retrieved from”

Little Wings / 17 April 2020 /

Hi Vaerie, Thanks so much for your interest in the Good Deeds Tree activity. You can share a link to my blog page that contains the download for the Good Deeds Tree, you can share a photo of it and you can print multiple copies of the activity to give to students to do, but the actual pdf file itself is not for sharing or distributing.

Farah / 23 April 2020 /

Thank you so much fir the idea’s and inspiration. I will print all these and do it will my kids. May Allah bless you for your kindness give these beautiful idea for people’s. I really love it and its complete. Alhamdullilah. Happy Ramadan to you and family

Little Wings / 23 April 2020 /

I’m so happy to hear you’ll be enjoying the printables with your kids! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Ramadan too.

Zainab / 24 April 2020 /

Salaam. The truffles look so good – I’m going to try it with the kids this weekend, hopefully should keep them busy during the day and I can eat them after Iftar. Thank you so much for this and your printables – I used to be a stockist and admire anyone who uses their creative talent to help make Ramadan special for little ones. Thank you for all your hard work! xx

Little Wings / 24 April 2020 /

Wa alaikum salam, My kids want to make truffles this weekend too! Hope your kids enjoy them as much as mine 🙂

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